12 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RJ
01270 620799

12 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RJ

01270 620799

Cocktails and Artisan Cheese

Cocktails and Artisan Cheese

This Event is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into the art of making the perfect cocktail paired with Artisan Cheese. Yes, cheese and cocktails!

Mike is our guest Mixologist from Cheshire Carriage Co. who has been practising his Art since 2007. From Classics to Contemporaries, Mike will take you through time to discover the classic cocktail, the latest beverage and introduce you to the emerging distillers of fine spirits. With a focus on flavourings, colours and tastes. Yes, taste, as this event includes 4 fabulous gin based cocktails mixed and muddled, by Mike, in front of you.

Nick, our Affineur, will take you through the process of cheese production using his 30 years of experience as both a Judge of Cheese and as a Cheese Monger. Listen to anecdotes and stories about the Artisans who lovingly make their cheese. Gain an insight into their world of grass, terroir, milk, bacteria, storage and, most of all, get to taste 4 fabulous cheeses that represent the best of Artisan Cheese.

Together they will have chosen cheeses that will compliment the gin based Cocktails your Mixologist has especially selected for the Event.  This is an opportunity for any spirit and cheese lover to immerse themselves in their world. A fun filled evening with two experts who love their work.

The experience starts with a viewing of the cheese maturation room whilst enjoying a fizz cocktail. We have an amazing selection of cheeses and the tasting allows you to see the large truckles of cheese up close. Nick will take you through the maturation process, then you will move to our tasting room where the experience will continue.

That experience will include a selection of Artisan cheeses including some that are unique and not available for sale in our shop yet. Biscuits will be served, as will, a selection of cocktails to bring out the best in the cheese.

This experience starts at 7pm and runs for approximately 150 minutes.


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