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Cheese Event
Masterclass; Artisan Cheese and Wine

Masterclass; Artisan Cheese and Wine

This Masterclass is a unique opportunity to sit with a Vinter and Affineur for an exclusive experience with no more than 4 guests.

Around a table you will gain an insight into the world of Artisan Cheese.  Given by our Affineur; Nick, he will take you through the process of production using his 30 years of experience as both a Judge of Cheese and as a Cheese Monger.  Listen to anecdotes and stories about the Artisans who lovingly make their cheese. Gain an insight into their world of grass, terroir, milk, bacteria, storage and, most of all, get to taste 4 fabulous cheeses that represent the best of Artisan Cheese.

Those cheeses will compliment the wines that your Vintner; Harry, has especially selected for the Event.  Some of which are from his own personal cellar.  Harrys palate remains largely classical from his time serving Royals and a whole host of celebrities at white table-cloth Wiltons. As well as being a wine judge panellist, Harry’s true passion in wine revolves around telling the stories of vineyards, wine regions and small family-owned wineries, transporting his guests into the vineyards of the world. 

The experience starts with a tour of our maturation room whilst enjoying a glass of fizz. We have an amazing selection of cheeses and the private tasting allows you to come into the maturation room and see the large truckles of cheese up close. Nick will take you through the maturation process then you will move to our tasting room where the experience will continue.

That experience will include a selection of Artisan cheeses including some that are unique and not available for sale in our shop yet. Biscuits will be served, as will, a selection of wines to bring out the best in the cheese.

This Experience is run on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only. If the day you prefer is not available please contact to arrange a date that suits you.  It is your opportunity to enjoy a real experience with two experts who illustrate their worlds and who will give you many opportunities to ask questions and discuss your thoughts and opinions.  This is not a training session its immersive.

The timing is up to you.  When you book, you will be contacted to ask which time you prefer; choose from 12 o’clock, 1 pm or 2pm.

Each event is unique but last for approximately 150 minutes.



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Masterclass; Artisan Cheese and Wine

As we have to order and mature the cheeses, for your Hamper, for up to a week before they are cut, we must have a cut off date for all Christmas Orders.

Hampers for Collection In Person

We will take orders for up to 17:30 on the 15th December.

Please be aware that orders after the 15th December may be accepted as long as you are aware that we may have to substitute a similar product, that is, if your first choice is not available.

Orders placed after the 15th December, cannot be changed once the cheese has been cut or the hamper made up. We may take orders after that date but in person or over the phone as the website will be closed to all Hamper orders. We will always try our very best to give you your choices and apologise in advance if we have not achieved that.

Hampers for Delivery

To ensure your cheeses arrive in perfect condition for Christmas, we will deliver up to the 23rd December 2020. We may send the hamper earlier if the weather is bad or to give the courier more time to make that Christmas delivery. Please make sure your order is with us by 17:30 on the 15th December to ensure your selection of Cheeses. Orders may be accepted after that date but could result in substitutions due to Artisan Cheese being a finite product.

We may take orders after 17:30 on the 15th December but in person or over the phone only as the web site will be closed to all Hamper orders.

Deposits for all orders for Collection or Delivery

Hamper orders placed in person or over the phone before 17:30 on the 15th December is £15.00

Hamper orders placed in person or over the phone after 17:30 on the 15th December is £25.00

General Web Sales for Delivery of Collection

General sales of cut cheeses and dry goods over the web. The web will close for any sales at 17:30 on the 19th December and reopen on the 1st January.

Christmas Orders