Hand Made Cheese Board by Robert Atkinson

Robert Atkinson MCIPS works with mainly with reclaimed timber to produce unique pieces of carpentry. 

For The Cheese Shop Nantwich, Robert makes  a variety of Cheese Boards with the care and attention to detail that only a master craftsman can.  

This year he has produced a range of boards that includes a Mouse, Heart and Oblong boards. Each board uses different woods and no two are alike.  Some are striped, others are plain.  Only limited quantities have been hand made.

All boards are covered in a food safe mix of bees wax and Food Safe Mineral Oil.  After use they should be wiped clean with a warm cloth.  To keep their appearance, we recommend that a food safe wax should be reapplied every three months.

This product is made of sustainable wood, some of which is recycled.  As each piece is hand made, colours, combination of woods and width of stripes will be different between each board.  But the quality never changes.


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