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12 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RJ

Meet the Apiarist for a Honey and Artisan Cheese Evening

Meet the Apiarist for a Honey and Artisan Cheese Evening

View our maturation room and enjoy an Artisan cheese and honey tasting with our Affineur; Nick, and our guest, Nicky from Nantwich Honey will bring alive her love of bee keeping and share that passion with you.

Nicky will reveal the science and love behind her bee hives.  Bees are over achievers. They fill their hives with more honey than they can eat in their lifetimes. Understanding the needs of the colony and the environment around the colony is crucial.  You will get the chance to ask questions over the course of 90 minutes of presentation.  Do bees hibernate? How far do bees fly in their lifetime?

We have an amazing selection of Artisan cheeses paired with the perfect honey. This evening allows you to come up close and personal to the maturation room and see the large wheels of cheese.

It’s a fun evening of learning with plenty of time for questions and answers.

On arrival, enjoy a glass of fizz as you view our cheese theatre before moving upstairs to our tasting room.

Cheeses are served with a presentation of their history, style, production method and taste.

The start time is 7pm and will run for approximately 90 minutes.


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