Perl Las

Perl Las meaning Blue Pearl in Welsh was devised by Carwyn Adams and family on their farm in the valley of the River Cych Production of Perl Las started in 1987 as a means to diversify their farm business away from just milk. This change of direction proved to be a really success and Caws Cenarth now produce a range of magnificent Welsh cheese.  All Perl Las is hand made and rather than be dipped in brine like many other cheeses, Perl Las has local sea salt rubbed on the rind which gives a subtler saltiness than you may find with blue cheese in general. This is a good introductory cheese for those who aren’t keen on blue cheese as the flavours are gentle and refined, yet satisfying with a subtle sweetness, but can grow as the cheese matures. Another pleasing element to the cheese is the light golden colour of the paste, which looks great with the blue.


Quantity: 100g

Quantity: 100g

Ingredients: Milk (Cow, Goat, Buffalo or Ewe’s Milk), Salt, Starter Culture, Rennet, Mould Culture

For allergens, please see ingredients.