Soul Cheeze Camembert Style

Soul Cheeze is made locally by Kim, in her home, just on the outskirts of Nantwich.  We are very proud to stock her range of Vegan Cheese.  Thats not only because all her cheeze’s are nut based rather than coconut but because Kim always uses organic and fair trade products wherever they are available. 

As her range of cheeze’s are hand made, they are truly Artisan.  Because of that, they are made in small batches and, when buying though us, they are made to order.  That way the shelf life is longer (especially if you resist the temptation to open the vacuum seal!).

Put the cheeze in a small spring form or other oven proof container. Make some cuts in the cheeze and insert the rosemary and small pieces of garlic. Bake in the oven at 200 degrees (fan 180) for 15 minutes. When it starts bubbling and gold brown patches appear, it is ready. Add an optional sprinkle of fresh ground black pepper, Serve straight away and enjoy! NB All ovens are different so feel free to adjust temperature and cooking time. Approximate weight 190g. Shelf life upon arrival is 3 weeks. Once opened, wrap tightly and consume within a week.


Quantity: Each

Quantity: Each

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Ingredients; Fresh made Almond Milk (Almonds, Filtered water), Coconut oil, Tapioca flour, Yeast flakes, Miso (Soya, Rice, Salt), Apple cider vinegar, Carrageenan kappa, Olive oil, Sea salt. All Vegan Cheeze contains allergens. Please read the ingredient list.