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Bill Pearson
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We're very lucky to have this fantastic shop, which helps to make Nantwich a great destination of lovers of fine food. The owner is passionate about cheese, and very knowledgeable. The stock keeps changing, so lots of chances to try new cheeses. The shop also stocks a nice range of complimentary items.
John Robertson
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Called in this morning whilst it was 99f and was given the most amazing welcome. It was such a wonderful experience to talk with someone who is passionate and knowledgeable about cheese and it’s manufacture. I returned home in 100f+ and the cheeses survived and will be enjoyed later today. This is a must visit shop whenever you are in Nantwich and a place to really appreciate excellent products.
Linda Manas
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This is a really lovely shop. The owners of the shop are so friendly. The cheeses are amazing but so are the delicatessen items on sale. The chive crackers and the plum and date biscuits were amazing. I bought some lovely Nantwich blue and some Wensleydale and the one owner quipped, “More cheese Gromit?!” That really made me laugh. I’ll definitely return on my next visit to Nantwich.
George Chatzigeorgiou
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Great variety of excellent types of cheese. The owner is a very nice and polite gentleman who is eager to provide all the assistance you need in order to make your cheese selection. This was our first time in Nantwich and we just happened to come across this shop while walking around. We are really glad that we went inside and will be definitely visiting again soon!

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