Celebration Cakes

First of all, your day is as important to us, as it is to you. Your ideas turned to reality are our inspiration. Whether it’s your wedding, birthday or party. We aim to please.

We are here to listen to what you want. Given enough notice, we will help you turn your thoughts into reality.

Our experience stretches over 30 years. It’s that experience that will allow us to tailor a cake to your needs; size, colour, dietary requirements.

One large celebration cake or a cheese cake for each table. Delivered to your venue, prepared and ready to place.

There are a few hints and tips we will share with you. Away from a busy shop, in one of our quiet, dedicated rooms, we will help you plan the cake. Taste some cheeses. Consider using a Hunters Pie or Pork Pie as the base of the celebration cake. Pickles, chutneys and biscuits to tempt your guest. Turn Wedding Party Favours into a thank you to be remembered.

We understand the cheeses that work well together to make a balanced and nicely tiered cheese cake. We know what tastes superb and how to help you make your cheese cake look stunning. We know it needs to be enjoyed by your guests who have different expectations and dietary requirements.


We pride ourselves on supplying great artisan cheese in prime condition coupled with great customer service. To achieve that we ask that you give us much notice as possible.

Please call us on 01270 620799 and arrange a convenient time to call in and see us. We realise that the most convenient time for you may be after you have finished work. By appointment we will arrange to stay open.

The Small Print.

Once you have fine tuned your design. We will organise a tasting box of samples for you to take away. The samples will have full tasting notes, so that you can share the cheese with others. The cost of that box will be deducted from your final order. Normally, most people take between 5 and 10 samples.

We will deliver the cake ready for your caterer to dress. If you want us to dress that celebration cake, the cost of that will be past onto you.

If you want to use our boards, then there will be a rental charge and deposit depending on the number involved. The boards would need to be returned to us within 48 hours to ensure that you receive the deposit. Or you can buy them if you prefer.

Until we have received from the Artisan your cheese and have calculated the weight, we are unable to provide you with an exact final cost. We will clearly indicate what you could expect to pay. We do take a deposit. For the Cheese we charge a £50 deposit which will be credited to your final account when you settle your order shortly before pickup/delivery. If you choose to use our boards and equipment, we do make a charge for that equipment which will be discussed when you order your celebration cake. You can either choose to buy that equipment or you can rent it. There will be an additional deposit of £80 which will be refunded if all the equipment is returned, in good order, within a few days of your Event. That refund will either be in cash or by immediate credit to your bank account.