12 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RJ
01270 620799

12 Hospital Street, Nantwich, CW5 5RJ

01270 620799

Cheese Shop Nantwich Events & Experiences

Our Tasting Room

Our Tasting Room accommodates 18 people in a bright, modern setting that is designed to learn in a fun and interactive way. The rooms structure dates back to the 17th century and many of the beams are still visible in the tasting room.

The room is located above our shop, the curved metal stair way leads to a small landing with several steps through a non standard height door to the large tasting room. The landing also accommodates a kitchen and a unisex toilet.

As the building dates back to the 17th century and steps connect the various rooms plus the metal curved stair case, we are, sadly, unable to welcome our less able friends to the second floor. However, we are happy to discuss alternatives, such as tastings in the shop or at your home. Our apologies again.

An Evening at Home or Work

For an extra special touch for your family, friends or colleagues we can organise a tasting in your home or business. Let us know your theme or let us plan the tasting, either way we will work with you to make the evening very special; a night of Blues, a slice of the French Alps, a walk through the Spanish Pyrenees or the very best of British Artisan cheeses.

We can organise the wines, cheese, biscuits, chutneys, plates and glasses. The event will last about 90 minutes, following which we will quietly pack up and take all the dirty glasses with us and leave you with any remaining cheese and wine to enjoy yourselves.

You’ll have to decide what number of guests works best for you, but think about your seating and what you can provide.  Six to twelve is said to be a good number of guests for a tasting party.

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