Hampers to Collect; The Dabber


Three Cheshire Cheeses’ and Cheshire Chutney, and Water Biscuits make this a taste of Nantwich.  John Bourne’s Clothbound Cheshire 200g. Nantwich Blue 200g. Anne Clayton Crabtree 200g. Cheshire Chutney, Water Biscuits.

Product Description

Three Cheshire Cheeses’ and a jar of Cheshire Chutney and Water Biscuits make this gift the taste of Cheshire. Packaged in a tray lined with tissue paper and zig zag packaging, the hamper is then wrapped in cellophane and tied with a green raffia bow.

The Hamper contains:

John Bourne’s Clothbound Cheshire.  Made by the Bourne family in Malpas with milk from their own Friesian herd and matured in the farms own cellars to develop its own unique flavour. The Bourne family are one of the last farming families to produce their Cheshire Cheese on the farm. 200g

Nantwich Blue   A blue cheese with a deep and rich taste. The rind is brine washed and the paste is rich and moist. A popular alternative to the more traditional hard blue cheeses. 200g

Anne Claytons Crabtree.  An Alpine styled cheese from Maplas, Cheshire made with the farms own Friesian milk that at times has a distinctive crab apple taste as many of the grazing fields are surrounded by crab apple trees. 200g

Cheshire Chutney and Water biscuits are the classic accompaniment to the perfect cheese board.

For storage information please refer to our page “Storing your Cheese”.