Paul and Pippa Smoked Salt Traditional Crackers 130g

These Smoked Salt Crackers are handmade in Spain using only the best natural ingredients. Using recipes handed down from their grandparents, the founders of Paul and Pippa have spent many years perfecting and crafted these fantastic gourmet crackers. Using extra virgin olive oil and smoked salt, hey are a real artisan treat!

Light and crispy, these Smoked Salt Crackers are perfect to pair with your favourite cheeses such as brie, Emmental, mascarpone or young gouda.

Paul and Pippa is a family of friendly people who simply love to cook. Based in Barcelona, their small bakery makes delicious biscuits and crackers. Using traditional artisan methods with only the finest Mediterranean ingredients. Their obsession with quality results in crackers that are packed full of flavour, organic and handmade with love!


Quantity: Each

Quantity: Each

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Ingredients: Wheat, Olive Oil, Vegetable Fiber, Sugar, Salt, Smoked Salt, Dextrose, Ginger.

For allergens, please see ingredients.