Scottish Anster

Anster is a hand-made cheese made using unpasteurized milk sourced from the Holstein Friesian cows. It is produced using traditional methods by Jane Stewart.


Quantity: 100g

Quantity: 100g

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Ingredients: Cheese; Milk (Cow, Goat, Buffalo or Ewe’s Milk), Salt, Starter Culture, Bacteria, Rennet, Annatto. Decoration may contain Fruit, Nuts and Foliage.

For allergens, please see ingredients.

Product Description

For over 50 years, Jane Stewart and her partner, Robert, have been farming in Fife. Where, in true Scottish style, their cows sleep on oat husks, which is a by-product from the nearby Quaker-Oat factory.

In 2007, they decided to make cheese with the high-quality unpasteurised milk given by their homebred, heritage herd of Holstein-Friesian cows. 

So they created the St. Andrews Farmhouse Cheese Company.  After a cheese-making course at Reading University, Jane carried out a fact-finding trip to the South West of England and Wales. Using cheese-making techniques and recipes from Cheshire and Wensleydale cheesemakers, she  developed a recipe to make a crumbly, lactic, vegetarian fresh cheese. 

Returning to the farm, she and Robert created ‘Anster’ cheese, named after the nearby fishing village of Anstruther, in Scotland. In doing so they followed a tradition that all Scottish farmhouse cheeses were named after nearby towns or villages. 

Anster cheese can either be sold young at around 8 weeks when; it’s light and springy in texture (rather like a Wensleydale) with a open curd or can be matured for around 8 months; allowing it to develop a more cheddar like quality that has a slightly flaky texture and dense body. As it ages so the taste alters. From a lighter almost grassy like flavour to that of an altogether richer and deeper taste that lingers on the tongue.