Strathdon Blue

The Stones family of Highland Fine Cheeses have been making the luxuriously  Strathdon Blue for over sixty years. Rich and creamy with steely tones and delicate notes of spice.


Quantity: 100g

Quantity: 100g

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Ingredients: Cheese; Milk (Cow, Goat, Buffalo or Ewe’s Milk), Salt, Starter Culture, Bacteria, Rennet, Annatto. Decoration may contain Fruit, Nuts and Foliage.

For allergens, please see ingredients.

Product Description

Strathdon Blue is a deep rich, yet mellow blue made in Tain, just north of Inverness.

The cheese is crumbly with a hint of creaminess that gives way to a fabulous blue taste in the mouth and it’s said that the saltiness in the cheese comes from the fact that the cows graze so close to the coast. The cows therefore naturally consume salt as part of their diet. When eating this cheese you can really taste the seaside and it is no surprise that it often wins awards. The pinnacle of these is having been previously named the Best Cheese in Scotland.

The cheese itself is made by Rory Stone on his family farm in Tain. Rory’s mother, Susannah, started the cheesemaking tradition by making Crowdie using left over milk from the dairy shorthorn cows kept on the farm. Susannah claims to be a direct descendent of Mariota de Ile who allegedly made the famous Scottish cheese Caboc in the 15th Century.

Each cheese is made with the farms own milk to which vegetarian rennet has been added making it suitable for vegetarians. It is not however suitable for pregnant women due to the penicillium Roqueforti bacteria within the cheese.