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Applebys Cheshire Cheese

Applebys Cheshire cheese has a crumbly texture and a mild fresh acidity. The gentle red colour of Appleby’s coloured Cheshire cheese is achieved by adding Annetto to a mixture of unpasteurised morning and evening milk.

Applebys Cheshire – Matured For 6 Months

The cheese is, as all traditional Cheshire cheeses should be, clothbound and matured for six months to give it a light, salty flavour and moist, crumbly texture.

Cheshire is Britain’s oldest cheeses dating back to Roman times and (disputably) mentioned in the Doomsday Book.

A true cheesemaking family

The Appleby family are one of the true cheese-making families of Great Britain. With Lance and Lucy Appleby awarded MBEs for their services to cheese making in Shropshire, in 2001.

They officially started making their own cheese in 1952 but have always been involved throughout their early lives.

Committed to using traditional cheesemaking methods

Now second and third-generation Applebys are involved in the business and are committed to making the cheese by the traditional methods. It is Paul Appleby and his wife Sarah now at the helm of this cheese making dynasty.

Applebys Cheshire Cheese
Applebys Cheshire Cheese

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